99.5% Renewable Energy Small Canadian Business Custom Solutions Available

About Cocoa Host

Let us tell you why we are proud to be different.


We entered the hosting business out of necessity. The game servers we rented from other companies did not perform well, and our budget as a small community left no room for 'performance' upgrades offered by our hosts. We realized pretty quickly that it didn't have to be that way.

When you purchase hosting from a large scale game server company, they are most likely purchasing that hosting from someone else for cheaper. In one way or another, they are buying a service from another provider and selling it to you for more. Hosts tend to cram as many clients as they can on the space they rent from others providers to maximize their profit margin, which can affect the quality and performance of the service you receive.

We weren't happy being treated this way as a client, and affirmed that this business model should be changed.
We are able to offer cheaper services with higher performance by cutting out the middleman, and by having directly invested in our own hardware. We don't rent our machines from another company, and ensure we will be able to offer better performance at a lower cost to our clients.

By directly managing our hardware, we better monitor usage, and have been able to ensure that all security and backup systems are in place. We also have taken steps and decisions which have allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint, and are proud to commit that our servers are powered by 99.5% clean, renewable hydroelectric energy. We have more information on our systems below.

Our model is built on offering better services in a way that is fair, equitable, and with consideration for the environment at the forefront of our business decisions.



Our systems have N+1 electrical and mechanical redundancy, and utilize 99.5% hydroelectric power.


Our fiber internet is purchased from multiple companies, reducing the potential for any outages.


On sight data center security is state of the art, including biometric and facial recognition systems. All servers are hosted on RAID setups ensuring that data is safe.


Owned and operated locally, with sustainability, and community in mind. We are proud to support other small businesses.